Xpress Post  (Faster Delivery)
Xpress Post
Send it 1-3 business day service
Most orders are an additional $15
Automatically links to your order
Ships next business day
Canadians Only*

Xpress Post Information

Orders are shipped next business day. When you purchase Xpress Post shipping it will be automatically link to your orders made within a 24 hour period - this is done by linking the same email address you used when completing your orders.

Orders are shipped out of our Vulcan, Alberta Canada warehouse. Since orders are shipped from a rural location, almost all the shipments will be two business days. The two day delivery covers all of Canada including it’s provinces, territories, cities and towns - from Vancouver to Charlottetown.

Most orders will be an additional $15.00 for the Xpress Post shipping, it's only very large orders that may require additional fees.

Xpress Post is a service offer by Canada Post. If you have any problems retrieving your package you may contact us at 1-403-423-2244 or Canada Post at 1-800-267-1177.


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