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Permanent Match Striker Lighter Flat Keychain Reusable
Permanent Match Striker Lighter Flat Reusable
The Permanent Match Striker Flat is a strong, long lasting lighter fluid container with built-in match and flint. The match is a metal rod located safety within the container that unscrews from the top center, where it looks like a screw. The flint rod found along the side of the container can be replaced. Fluid can be refilled using the regular zippo style lighter fluid.

Bulk discounts available for Non-Profit Camps, YMCA, Scouts or Girl Guilds of Canada and America, Navigators USA, Indian Guides, and Pathfinders of America*

1. To open, unscrew the top part that looks like a round screw with a grip handle.
2. Pull out the match while carefully making sure that lighter fluid does not come out.
3. Make sure wick is exposed and is saturated with fluid.
4. To ignite: The match has a built-in wick and metal striker. Strike the metal alongside the flint rod embedded on side of the container.
5. If experiencing problems striking the container may need fluid, the wick may need to be pulled out more or the flint may be used up and need replacement.
6. To replace fluid, unscrew and pull out the match. Carefully pour in regular lighter (zippo) fluid – not butane. Screw back in the match after filled with fluid.

- Great for survival, camping, fishng trips, hiking, or when out in the wild.
- A must have when going out into the wild alone or in a group.
- Metal rod (match) is stored in the middle of the shell.
- Wick is on the tip of the metal rod.
- Flint rod is replaceable, use zippo style rods.
- Strong keychain included and is removable.
- Body Material: Stainless steel / plastic.
- Dimension: 39mm x 28mm x 1mm.

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