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Barcode Long Laser Scanner Scanning Tool
Barcode Long Laser Scanner Scanning Tool
Almost every business today uses barcodes for a various array applications. Whether you are keeping track of computers and other important equipment, own a warehouse and need to keep a constant tally of thousands of items, or you own a brick and mortar store and need to keep a watchful eye on your prices and your stock, a USB Handheld Barcode Scanner is the right tool to retrieve and tabulate your data.

A regular computer cannot read barcodes. A barcode scanner is needed in order to scan the code and then translate the code's formula so that it becomes a readable and traceable piece of data. Essentially, a USB Handheld Barcode Scanner captures the data from the barcode and transmits the data into a computer system, which then can translate the information, and in most cases store it into a database. 

This USB Handheld Barcode Scanner is a "plug and play" device and can be immediately taken back to the office and connected to your computer via USB, than with Office Word or Excel opened you can scan a barcode and it will show the hidden information contained within the barcode.

Uses for USB Handheld Barcode Scanners include: inventory tracking for retail stores, warehouses, offices, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, laboratories, libraries, show/event tickets, luggage, rental cars, advertising, coupons, mail and parcels, farm animals, insects (bees)

- Auto detects your computer (PC , XT , PS/2 and Windows) 
- Over 180 configurable options
- Can be used with or without a keyboard
- Macro support (replace a string in the bar code with another)
- Programmable preamble, post amble, and termination strings 
- Simple programming from your keyboard
- Read / No-Read indicators (Buzzer and LED) 

- Scanner Type: Bi directional 
- Light Source :650-670nm (Visible) 
- Scan Rate: 100 scans per second 
- Resolution:0.10mm (4 mile) PCS0.9 
- Reading Distance: 2.5 -600mm ( 100% UPC / EAN ) 
- Print Contrast : 30% minimum reflective difference 
- Dimensions: L160mm x W65mm x H85mm 
- Scanning angle: Inclination angle 45º Elevation angle 60º
- Extended ASCII support for code 128 bar codes 
Safety: CORH class 2 Laser product , FCC class A and CE
- Decodes: UPC / EANUCC / EAN 128UPC / EAN with Supplemental'sCode 39Code 39 full ASCII,Code 128, Coda barISBNISSNCODE 93MSIInterleaved 2 of 5, Code IIInterfaces Supported: Keyboard wedge / RS232 / USB

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