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Green Laser Pointers

Green Laser Pointer

The Green Laser Pointer is so strong it's estimated to be 50 times brighter then the equivalent red laser pointer. The dot on these laser pointers can reach kilometers always, burn plastic/matches, and at night the beam is visible all the way to the stars

Spy Camera Recorder Pen

Spy Camera Pen

The spy pen is a discreet device that allows you to record your environment in both video and audio. It has a MicroSD card slot so you can store up to 8GB of video. The tiny size makes it ideal for a variety of uses such as hidden cam, spy cam, etc. Real time recording in AVI video format.

Jewelers 30x Magnifying Loupe

Jewelers Loupe 30x

This Jewelers Loupe 30X is made with quality optical lens for extra sharpness and clarity. The lens fold into itself for safe storage or for carrying around in your pockets. Loupes and magnifiers are used by professional jewelers to study the fine details and characteristics of gem stones

Mist Maker Fog Machine

Mist Maker

Add a mystifying effect to your pond, fountain, or any location you can place it into a pool water. The Mist Maker Fog Machine has a ceramic disc that produces a ultrasonic frequency which excites the water molecules, instantly creating water vapor, with no heat or chemicals used

Alcohol Detector

Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector

A Breathalyzer is a device for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample of a suspected impaired person. Laws are being passed everywhere that enforce harsh penalties for blowing over the limit. Prevent this by purchasing a professional breathalyzer from Gadget Plus today

Optical Finger Mouse

Digital Weighing Scales

The Optical Finger Mouse really makes a point of changing the game by allowing you to move your computers cursor by simply pointing and dragging. Run it along any surface and watch in amazement as the cursor moves alone just like a regular optical mouse would

Bike Motorcycle Scooter Alarm

Bike Motorcycle Scooter Alarm

Don't leave your scooter sitting alone and unattended, use the Bike Scooter Alarm as an anti-theft device to scare away potential thieves and to give you peace of mind when leaving your property on it's own. A loud alarm is released when the unit is moved or vibrated

Rave Gloves LED Lights

Rave Gloves LED Lights

Put on an amazing light show with these LED Light Show Rave Gloves Black that will make your friends trip out at your next party. Within each finger tip of the gloves is an array of 3 LED's in Blue, Jade, and Red. Totalling 30 LED's with both gloves, they provide a bright light show that can be seen up to a mile away

LED Lighting

Star Wars Lightsaber FX Purchase

Add some extra class to your vehicle by installing Auto LED Light Strips to provide accent lighting for your doors, roof, floor, dash, trunk, wheel wells, and other outdoor applications are possible since they are waterproof. All automotive lighting is easy to install and can run directly off the battery; add a fuse and a switch

60x-100x Pocket Microscope

Luggage Bag Locator Finder

A microscope is an instrument used to see objects that are too small or hard to see with the naked eye. This 60X-100X Pocket Microscope is an optical microscope and is perfect for the amateur enthusiast looking to get a closure look at the world.

Grabber Hand Warmers

Grabber Hand Warmers

Keep your hands or feet toasty warm these Grabber Hand Foot Warmers during those cold winter days. Extremely easy to operate, just open up the package and it automatically activates. If you are tired of going into your cold car everyday or want an addiition to your survivial kit, the hand warmers will not disappoint

Milwaukee pH600 Digital Meter

Milwaukee pH600 Digital Meter

This Milwaukee Instruments Digital pH Meter is The Most Popular pH Meter for Use in Schools, Pools, Salt / Fresh water aquariums, gardening ;and all other water applicable media. At the cost of just a few rolls of litmus paper, you can have one of the industry's best pH testers

Digital Weighing Scales

Digital Weighing Scales

Gadget Plus offers you the savings and precision you deserve with a full line of quality Digital Weighing Scales. Some of the scales we offer include: kitchen scales, pocket scales, industrial scales, kitchen scales, and various weighing devices to use at home or abroad

Laser Stage Party Lighting System

Laser Stage Party

This Laser Stage Party Lighting System emits both green and red laser lighting. The red laser wavelength of this laser stage lighting is 650nm, and its power is 100Mw. The green laser's wavelength is 532nm; the power of it is 50Mw. This Laser Stage Party Lighting System has adjustable strobe speeds

VHS to DVD Video Capture

VHS to DVD Video Capture

The EasyCAP USB 2.0 Video Adapter with Audio, it can capture high-quality video and audio file direct by USB 2.0 interface without sound card. However, the installation is very simple and the external power is unnecessary

Glow in the Dark Gloves

glow in the dark gloves

Both fun and functional, these Glow in the Dark Gloves are great for parties and raves, but are also intended for sign-language users to use at night. Using the latest photo-luminescent materials they charge up from the sun or any bright light source